Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trip South

I love saying we took a trip South because it sounds warm and really it was a bit warmer.  We went to visit our yurt and land in Homer.  I found some white lupine.  It seemed the tips of all the lupine were turning white.  Not sure if it was a disease or what, but interesting.
 I love Homer because you can drive down a dirt road and come upon this.
 The view from our land is amazing.  Why don't we live there?  The view from our house ain't bad either.
 Our land has an amazing amount of wildflowers so I picked myself a bouquet.
 Jonathan found a heart coal which is way cooler than a heart rock, but much more breakable especially when a toddler drops it on the ground.
Amazing weekend of beach walks and kite flying.  Perfect Alaska holiday.

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  1. such a lovely place..I esp love the heart of coal:)