Sunday, October 9, 2011

Paint Chip Art

I volunteered myself to be the 3rd-12th grade art teacher this year.  I did this because I just love art not because I am an artist.  So not being an artist means I need to come up with a flow that I can actually demonstrate with my no art training.  I love it and the kids love it.  I suppose I can't go too wrong since we have never had an art teacher.  We are a PreK-12 school with 2.5 certified teachers and an aid.  I love it!

 I found some really great ideas for using paint chips for art projects on Pinterest. I found lots of amazingly fun ideas   Last week I raided the Home Depot and Lowes paint chip dislpays and introduced the concept of color harmonies.  The lesson was to choose a color harmony to create a piece of arts using repeated shapes.
Here is one example from highschool.  I need to take photos of the rest of the projects.  Some of the students really "got" the concept and some created projects that were fun, but did not meet the goals of the assignment. I just let that go because I want art to be fun.  I am going to think about a way to help those along who do not quite "get" the goal at the same time as allowing them their artistic freedom.  I am going to try this with the 2-5th next week using just value in the same color.  Teaching art is just so much fun.


  1. My husband and I were looking at a school that had 1 teacher/principal for prek-12...I love paint chips for teaching all sorts of concepts...matching, shapes, colors etc...also if you ask, they'll give you painter pocket aprons...

  2. Painter pocket aprons sounds right on! I will have to ask.