Friday, March 2, 2012

Record Breaking

We are having an almost record breaking year of snow.  We are up to over 600 inches and it does not appear to be anywhere close to stopping.  We are about out of space to put the snow from our driveway, and I am worried that our usual Memorial Day planting of our veggies will be postponed this year.
It has allowed for some extreme sledding with the little guy and his friends.  I think we might be wearing a helmet for the next run.
Aside from digging out the woodpile, shoveling the driveway, and dusting off the car life continues to be busy.


  1. weather is so crazy this year....while we don't often get snow, we get cold and ice. Not this year--can you believe yesterday we had sunny 80 degree weather--that dropped to 40--a tornado--the worst hail we've had in decades--and about 2" of rain. is that nuts, or what?
    that sledding looks like a whole lot of fun!!!

  2. Tornados are scary to me. It is amazing how other people's natural disasters seem worse than the potential of your own. I would send you some snow if you would send me some 80 degree weather.