Monday, June 11, 2012

To Homer and Back

The little man and his family took a trip to Homer this week.  While J. attended the Kachemak Bay Writers Conference the little man and I checked out the new playground, played on the beach and visited with friends.  Leaving your home even if for a short time is so necessary at times.  I think it is healthy to step away from obligations and just breathe the air.  They seem to be less important and necessary when they are not in your eye sight.
The little guy did lots of plane spotting on the beach and learned the difference between a float plane and land plane.  I did lots of breathing in of the sea air and the hubby relished in learning from Barry Lopez, his favorite author.
This amazing driftwood sculpture was hanging at the new Homer playground.  Had I shot it at a different angle you would see the snowcapped mountains and bay in the horizon instead of the baseball field.  I was doing a little follow and shoot, follow the little man and shoot pictures.

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  1. From the picture it's hard to tell...just how big is that sculpture? It looks like it could be twigs or logs!