Sunday, October 3, 2010

Homeschool and Fire

This weekend my school district hosted a homeschool workshop with Adam Andrews from the Center for Literary Education. We had 100 participants and everyone seemed to get a lot out of his presentation.  Lots of great literary discussions ensued through his questioning methods.

Andrews is a dynamic presenter.  Our school district had him as a presenter last year at one of our inservices.  He presents a curriculum that teaches comprehension strategies and how to analyze and interpret literature.  It includes using the Socratic Method for discussion with your child (student).    Andrew enjoys using the classiscs, but I feel the process he teaches can be used with any book.  He promotes starting with chidren's books.  It is worth checking out his web page.

On another note there is termination dust on the ski mountain.  Termination dust is the first snow that representst the end of the warm (ha if you call it warm) weather.  That means it is time to get ready for the winter.

Last year I took our dried out brush pile and made fire starting bundles tied with jute.  When I wake up in the morning, and our house is really cold, I don't mess around.  I want to be warm right now.  These bundles were so great last winter in a crunch. I could start a fire super fast.  I think my husband thought I was a bit wacky when I was making them, but then came over to my side and I ended up having to cut him  off last winter because he was using two at a time.  

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  1. Just came across your blog...I love it!

  2. Hey thanks for visiting my blog! I will keep searching for US and Fair Trade and posting. It's a passion of mine these days! Alaska is where my son wants to visit some day. I'll have to share your blog with him.

  3. There's little worse than a fire that just won't get going--as your fingers get stiffer and stiffer. Good work on the starter bundles.