Saturday, March 19, 2011

36℉ and Sunny

I have waited for this day for months.  It was 36℉ and sunny today.  I practically ran outside as soon as I woke up.  The little guy and I went to the Alaska Conservation Center, which takes in injured or orphaned animals.  We saw lots of Alaska animals.  The wood  bison are amazingly large.

The elk were lazing in the sun eating away.  They are such beautiful animals.

We also saw puddles.  Really we saw just a few animals and lots, and lots of puddles because that is what the little guy is interested in.  Splash, stomp, crunch.
It was such a fun adventure ending with a picnic lunch.  It was just warm enough to eat with our gloves off.  Yep that is cheese sitting on a dirty picnic table.  Hey I am o.k. with that.  It builds immunity right.


  1. It was 70 degrees here on Friday...It was so much fun to go dig around outside.

  2. Oh look at your world! So beautiful... So cold and beautiful.

  3. Shayray, It is so amazing to be able to share such beauty with your are so blessed. Those animals are Incredible! So close, too. Enjoy your beginning to spring:)
    xo Jules