Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wood, Wood, Wood

I know I talk a lot about wood, but it is a major theme in our life.
We were down to just two rounds on Friday.
So it was time for the hubby to go South and get some more, and that he did.  (I just re-read this and saw it said that he die.  Nope not die, did.  Must edit)
We had to haul the wood by sled around to the other side of the house.  The little guy was very eager to help.  Don't you just love the moose hat that was gifted to him.  
We created a little bridge of rounds for the little guy to play on.  Back and forth he went celebrating his accomplishment.
We did not even get halfway with the hauling and stacking, but we did have a lot of fun.  The little guy is such a big help these days.  I had trouble getting him to come back inside for bath time.  Life is good!


  1. What I wouldn't do for a wood stove...right now I have to settle for a big bonfire Sunday...

  2. Oh yes, us too. My oldest has the chore of hauling wood from the wood pile to the house. Back and forth with the sled... I tell him he'll be good and strong when he grows up but right now he's not too amused by me.

  3. That moose hat is very cute.
    How much longer until all of the snow melts?

  4. The snow will melt early this year because we had a low snowfall winter. Before I get to comfortable with that comment I should look behind me because more could be coming any day.