Saturday, February 11, 2012

Busy Bees

Life is so very busy right now.  Just popping up for some fresh air.  It has been snowing, raining, snaining, and I have been in a crazy period of meetings galore.  This is just a quick post.

We have been working with collage with the 4-8th graders.  This was a really fun project involving magazines and parts of bodies.  Nothing makes a middle schooler giggle more than  creating strange bodies and faces.
 Umm.... that is Sarah Palin's body.  He, he....

And just to show you how challenging getting to and from my car has been in the town where I teach.  This is the little guy ready to leave and get in the car. Mind you it is only about 100 feet from my car to the door, but the wind can blow up to 80mph with ice sandblasting your face.  So crazy.

Goggles... check√

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