Sunday, January 22, 2012

Knitting Doll

We just got another 18" of snow last night.  I am amazed at the amount of snow that we are being gifted this year.

I had a moment of synchronicity today.  I was just introduced to knitting dolls through a blog I was reading and I thought to myself "I have to have one".  I had never heard of a knitting doll.  I went over a friends house for dinner tonight and she said that she had something for me.  It was a knitting doll from another friend.  How do moments like this happen?  You go from, what is that, to I must have one, to hey how did the univerise make this happen.

I can't wait to learn how it works so I can find some more and bring it to my classroom.


  1. My grandmother gave me one when I was little that was a spool from thread and some nails that she used when she was was so much fun before she taught me to knit...

  2. My dad taught me how to use (and made for me) a knitting "doll" although mine was just a spool with four nails pounded in it! I loved the little thing! I know you'll love yours, too! I've been looking for one in good condition for years--yours looks rather new. Guess I've been looking in all the wrong places!!!