Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quilting Break

Today I sewed.  It was such a release as I had been wanting to get on my machine all week.  I find it relaxing.  My husband and I are finally getting our groove on to allow us both to have a bit of creative time.  Hubby used his time to harvest firewood, which means that yes a chainsaw can be a creative tool.  When he got home I took some time to catch up on my log cabin quilt.

I love the process of the log cabin quilt.  It is so rewarding and quick.  Each strip increases the size of each block.  Each complete block is an accomplishment.  I need 49 accomplishments for the double quilt I am making.

My theme for this quilt is beauty in imperfection.  I misread the instructions and went out of order on my colors.  Once I let go I realized that I love the colors the way they are.  It is kind of like doing an art project with a toddler.  The process is what is important, let go of the outcome and it becomes beautiful.

I think the this would make a nice banner.
It would sure brighten up our dark wood walls.

I chose a mix of traditional and modern patterns.  I love the way they look together.  The almonds on the left are because I knew that I did not want to stop for lunch.  Creative time only happens once a week at best.  Snack and sew.


  1. Perfection is boring...imperfection is what life is, that way it is more fun.

  2. Snack and sew, snack and bake, I certainly do...and raw almonds are always a handy friend. Your quilt is coming along beautifully.