Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Little Guy that Could

We have had such amazing weather this summer.  My veggies are rocking, and our son is sprouting and in good health.   I am amazed at how far a 3.5 year old can hike.  We went up one of the trails to the top of the ski hill (mountain) and he hiked about 1/3 of it on his own.  
I can tell he is proud of himself with all the new things that he can do.
He had to ride in the pack on the snow because he had his Keen sandals on.  Love those sandals.
 This is the view that overlooks our town.  It was chilly on top, but the tram ride down was nice and cozy.  I have had no time to be creative.  The summer is all about sun and recreation to me.  I am a summer gal at heart.


  1. The other day, I got my little girlie to hike 2 whole miles when she normally would be napping...the only thing that got her going were the berries that seemed to be spaced perfectly so she could see the next bunch.

  2. I love it when they walk and walk. Just when you think they are down in an exhausted slump...up again and ready to run!
    Enjoy your lovely summer weather.