Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Salmon Running

Happy days in Alaska.  The salmon are running and dip netting is hopping.  We travelled down to the Kenai River on Sunday to catch our fill.  We had just a bit of time, drove more than we fished, but we were rewarded with 9 beautiful salmon in 2 hours.  Thank you salmon.
Dip netting is when you take a large net on a very long pole and "dip" it into the water.  It is a bit more complicated that than, but the fish swim in or near your net and you scoop them to catch them in the net and pull them in.
Here is the little guy checking out the first catch.  I did not fish on this trip. It was cold, and raining so the little guy and I played on the beach, warmed ourself in the car, and played some more.  Lots of fish waste to dodge on the beaches, but we had a blast regardless.  Now "fish head" is part of our vocabulary.  Lots of processing and we now have a freezer full of fish.  We hope to go again in a day or two to catch some more.


  1. We went fishing yesterday too...lots of mackerel and kiddos screaming "holy mackerel!" Tried to swim, but it was a bit too cold.

  2. Oh to have fresh salmon! Here in Maine we have a tiny little window of time for salmon fishing...and it is a few hours away...so we don't go. Jealous :-)