Monday, July 4, 2011


We were back at the Forest Fair yesterday and the little guy became instanly hooked with the workings of a spinning wheel.
Watching him explore and help Beth spin allowed me to see the spinning wheel in a new light.  The little guy is really into gears right now.  Not only does the wheel act like a huge gear there are also many connected moving parts.  He explored each part studying how they moved back and forth, up and down.  He got to try the foot pedal and hold the wool.  I am so thankful for our patient friend Beth who allowed him to be a young scientist.  This is what it is all about. Slowing down and really looking. Thanks little guy for the reminder.

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  1. I miss the days when my grandmother used to spin with me. It was so calm and quiet, but I can see how a little boy would love all those moving parts.