Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Great Perfect Toy Ideas

Thank you for your wonderful toy ideas.  Every toy suggested is a perfect toy.  Just what I envisioned.  Moms are so much wiser than the toy stores.  If we could just weed out the not so perfect toys we would have a much easier time.

Country Sister and City Sister suggested this toy.  I agree this is a perfect toy. My son had this toy when he was learning to stand and it was so much fun to watch him work all the parts. It is a Parent toy that you can find here

Three Little Birds the best kindergarten teacher in the world suggested this toy.  I am ordering this for the little guy this week. It seems like a creative next step toy for him.

City Hippy Farm Girl suggested this cool toy from here.  I love this idea and saw a few similar plastic versions that were not so perfect.  Very flimsy. This looks nice and sturdy.  I am putting this on the list too.  
Thanks moms for putting in some time for my son.  All three of the blogs are on my list of blogs I love so go and check them out when you have time.

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  1. Glad you could find something from the suggestions, Three Little Birds toy looks like lots of fun for him. I'll bet there will be hours of playing (for you both!) in there.