Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Son's Girlfriend

My son has a girlfriend. She is so nice and polite I hardly even notice her at times, and as the saying goes she is a looker.  I think she must be artistic as seen from her interesting style of glasses.
Yes this is my son's girlfriend.  I bought this create a face pad at the earlychildhood conference I attended. I thought it would be great for language development.  I let him choose all the parts for each face we made.  The first day we made about 4 faces.  For some reason my son kept coming back to look at this one, his now girlfriend.  He carried her around, put her on the table and gazed lovingly at her.

 He even, gasp, kissed her on the lips.  I know he is a bit young for dating, but it seems like love.  The other day he brough her up to bed with him.  I had to draw the line there since we all share the same bedroom, and it is a little premature to be bringing girls in the bedroom.
Yesterday he shared his milk with her, as seen by the crinkling around the mouth and well, I am sad to say there may have been a bit of a brawl as she now has a hole in her nose.  She really eats like a bird.  Hardly touches her plate.
I have introduced him to these women, but he wants nothing to do with them.  Sigh... I suppose we all remember our first love, and well, I think he chose a good one.


  1. Sadly, my son's first girlfriend left him for the monkey bars...oh well so is life. Love the nosie cup! I always enjoy using them.

  2. Oh the monkey bars. That is a tough one. The nosie cup saved us when the little guy had his unrepaired cleft. I had never heard of them, but we are sold, so is his girlfriend.