Saturday, February 12, 2011

So Busy

I am finally coming up for air.  These past few weeks have included working on Saturdays, late hours and lots of verbal over stimulation.  The days also included lots of chocolate which I love, but tends to cloud my brain.  Today so much better  with a Saturday off, a yoga class in the morning followed by Lap Sit story time at the library, and a toddler gear swap.  A toddler gear swap is a great way to pass on your hand me downs and come home with nused (new used) clothes for your child.  We had ours at the library after story time.  I came home with 2 boxes of girl clothes for a family we know that could use a little extra help.  It is such a great way to give and receive.   We realized we have lots of boys in our community and not many toddler girls.  Slim pickings on the toddler boy clothes.

I am now the proud owner of these Black Diamond Trecking Poles.  My hubby gave them to me for my birthday which was on Thursday.  This is a sign that I might be not as strong as I used to be.  I love hiking with trecking poles because my knees are not always happy with me when I do lots of uphill hiking.  I may exchange them for a set that folds down and can be tucked on the outside of a backpack.


  1. How thoughtful...I bet that family will really enjoy the clothes...and that husband getting you just what you needed.

  2. Glad you have some to come up for air.
    Clothing swaps are great.