Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunrise, Sunset

The sun rose this morning at 8:14am and will set at 6:05pm.  We have made it through yet another cycle of darkness.  The sun shines through the clouds and it is a beautiful day.

There is a condition I have called winter forgetfullness.  Around this time each year I get a little emotional.  It starts in February when I want to kick a hole in the wall because I am craving some sun, then in March I watch as the rest of the U.S starts to thaw and seedlings come out again.  I might shed a tear at this time. April is the impatient time... we are so close to thawing, but not yet.  In May we may or may not still have snow, but I begin to feel like we might just see some green.  Then comes June and that is where my conditon of winter forgetfullness comes into full swing.  What winter?  Was it cold?  Did we really have 9 months of snow?  I forget all of this as soon as the snow melts and we start to green. It is kind of a trick mother nature plays on me each year and what keeps me here in Alaska.


  1. You then have lovely sunny summer days!

  2. 9 months of snow...that sounds like such a magical different life to mine.
    Do you ever see the northern lights?
    Enjoy your coming sun.

  3. Isn't that the truth!! Born and raised in Alaska, i feel the exact same way every February. Every Single Year!! And each year when we have periods of no snow and sunny weather, I hope for a moment that we are almost through. And then I remember that we still have March ahead of us. The long, long month of March! Here's to a quick spring!