Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Cold Chronicles

Sunday night we had a power outage.  It turned into a 11.5 hour power outage.  We spent the evening with candles and headlamps.  The little guy had a blast.  We burned a lot of wood, but managed to stay warm huddled around the stove.  My hubby slept downstairs to man the fire so that we could keep a little warmth in the home.  What a good guy.  We were lucky that the weather was "warm" a balmy 20℉, not the 0℉ it has been.

We have been walking a lot.  Our son does not nap well inside so we often take him out for a 2 hour stroller walk, which is great for keeping us in shape.  My husband is a little more excited than I am when the temperature is low.
He will actually jog in any temperature.  He came home the other day with an ice horn coming off of his beard.  Kind of like a reverse unicorn.  He was covered in ice from head to toe.  Me on the other hand, no running warm or cold.  I need to be well padded.  I often laugh because there is no femine feeling when you are wearing so many layers.
We ran into a young girl running her dogs down by the airport on our last walk.
There is nothing better than a clear day surrounded by mountains.  These are the days that I could never leave Alaska.  

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  1. Again--honestly, I this is totally breathtaking! Someday I hope I can afford to travel to AK just to get a peek at this. What a blessing...and I know what you mean about the layers. I've been wearing 2 or more pairs of pants...exp weight thermals, carhaarts, ski pants..nothing girly about it. and I weigh an extra 20 pounds.