Thursday, December 30, 2010


About 10 years ago my husband and I walked into a real estate office in Homer, Alaska for "fun".  We were teaching in the bush and spent the summer in Homer.  I said "Hey let's go to the real estate office and look at property for fun."  It was to be a game of sorts because we knew we could not afford land.

Two weeks later we were the proud owners of 9 acres.  We realized that fun was more fun than we thought because we could afford land.  Two years in the bush meant that we had saved enough money to get an affordable loan.
I call it our Ed McMann land because it is just so beautiful.  We got a great deal because we were the second purchasers.  It was one of the few parcels that was not slash from downed spruce that had been ravaged by the spruce bark beetle infestation.  We paid the land off in full about 3 years ago and this is where our yurt sits.

It is filled with wildflowers in the spring and summer.  Rose, lupine, wild arnica, angelica so many different species.  We evan have low bush blueberries!  Lots of plants to harvest.  The Sand Hill Cranes nest on the land, the moose browse on it, and there were brown bear sightings last year (did not like hearing that). 

We have decided to finally build on the land.  It is part of our retirement plan.  If we build it now, and rent it out (ouch someone else living in my dream) we can maybe have it paid off by the time we retire.  Big dreamy thoughts of possibilities occupying my brain.


  1. Ahhh....9 acres and a yurt. We always joke about 40 acres and a mule and plowing the back's to dreaming.

  2. wow! that is an amazing view...its funny how things start to click together once you shift your path a little...who knows...

  3. How beautiful! Hang on to your dreams and keep pushing. The fact that you paid off the land in 3 years is incredible in our society and a true testament to your dedication. I know you can get there!

    Looking forward to following your blog. =)

  4. Emma- Oops my post must have been confusing. We took about 7 years to pay off the land, not 3, but it was 3 years ago that it happened. Thanks for the encouragement.