Sunday, January 15, 2012

3 Sides of Life (oh I mean 4)

This year has left me a bit scattered.  I have 3 jobs combined into 1, classroom teacher, homeschool coordinator and working with our pre-k teachers.  Then there is family.  This blog kind of represents that scattered feeling. One day I write about knitting, the next about teaching art in the classroom.  Who am I today.

Today we are hunkering indoors as the little guy tries life without a diaper.  I have a late potty trainer, which is no surprise to me since he spent the first 18 months of his life lying on his back in an orphanage.  He is very excited about the big boy underwear he is wearing today.  I am using a timer to remind me to check in and have him sit on the potty.

I am also planning for next week in the classroom.  We do have school on Monday which is Martin Luther King Day.  It allows me the opportunity to do a one day mini theme on this amazing man.  I recently discovered Teachers Pay Teachers.  It is a great place for both teachers and homeschool moms to find mini units.  I am going to use the ideas from this Martin Luther King Activity Packet tomorrow.  Many of the resources have fees, but for me, as a classroom teacher, I can use this for years to come.  I will post some photos of the results.  I have an amazing K-2 this year filled with peace makers.

My art class is moving forward with the book Drawing With Children.  Art was put on the back burner as we prepared for the holiday program so we are back at it once again.  This is another lesson on using different types of lines, circles, and dots in drawing.  I am finding the 3-5th far more confident than the highschoolers.  I did not expect that.

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