Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let It Snow, Let it Snow......

I started off for work at 7am and by 7:15am my hands were shaking like a leaf, as I found myself in a whiteout blizzard with winds up to 60mph.  It was dark, NOAA (weather) was predicting avalanches.  Can you feel the stress?   So I did something I had never done before in my 8 years on this commute.  I turned around and went home.  I called the principal and in a shaky voice said "I am turning around it is crazy scary."

We have snow, lots and lots of snow.  Our 720 square feet is buried in snow.
Which brings me to a few of my favorite things for winter.
Every girl needs a Skhoop Skirt and gators to shovel snow now doesn't she.  I love my quilted skirt that goes so nicely over my fleech pants.  I love my gators that remind me of old timey shoes (strong imagination).  I could go on and on about my Vasque hiking boots, but won't.
I love our big black shovel.  Well love/hate.  I would almost consider these accessories as women might consider a necklace for the amount of times they are part of my attire.  The black push shovel is the most incredible shovel we have ever had.  If you live in a place with snow, and you find yourself shoveling a lot it is a must have.  The red sled, thank you Target.

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  1. That is a huuuge amount of snow. I would have turned back too!