Monday, September 13, 2010


After working as a classroom teacher for the past 11 years I have a new job.  Well two 1/2 time jobs that were put into one full time job.  I work as a homeschool coordinator for my school district 1/2 time and on an Early Childhood Grant 1/2 time.  I love my new job, although  I surely do miss my students.  I am growing to love the parents who care so deeply about their children's education that they choose to homeschool.  So different from what I am used to.

Today we had a gathering in the park to celebrate the start of the year.  We ate, played games and the parents laughed about how cute our children are.  The day ended with the dads playing frisbee golf with the children, while the women talked about health, learning and life.

I forgot my camera today, so here is a parting shot of just something worth celebrating.
The low tide on a warm day 3 hrs south of where we call home.  


  1. Whenever my husband and I get sick of the whole Pennsylvania educational rat race we joke about moving to Alaska, where the districts seem to be okay with homeschooling (as yours does.) I also love the yurt...could you do an inside tour someday?

  2. I grew up between MD and PA. My heart still aches for the fall colors, but yes, Alaska is lovely and from what I hear homeschool is way more supported than in other states.

    One yurt interior coming up.