Saturday, September 25, 2010

You Need a Budget

Living in 720 square feet has its challenges.  We have become painfully aware that we are at capacity.  This means that in the near future we will need to expand our space.  Adding on is not an option, long story too dull to explain.
In order to plan for the future larger house we decided we needed a strict budget.  I found a great program YNAB, You Need a Budget.   YNAB has a free 7 day trial which was just long enough to input my finances, and realize that we are pretty much spending all that we make.  We are really buying just the basics, food, bills, food, bills, the typical American Dream.  Work hard, work often, work for years and have enough to just get by.

We are now on a strict budget thanks to YNAB.  I took out cash for all our gas, food, and fun $ (not much fun going on with $40 each a month).  I then put the different budgeted totals into labeled envelopes.

Good bye ice cream at the gas station, and lunches out.  Hello future.

Until the dream becomes a reality I will continue my hobby of picturing myself in other people's spaces.

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  1. I am crazy about the for fun $, gas and groceries. It works! I get all excited whenever I get to put $ into savings. Good luck--I am sure you will never regret it (except when you drive by that ice cream place--drat!).