Sunday, September 19, 2010

Road Trip

Leaving your home for a day is so necessary sometimes.  Especially when the fog blanket is thick and low.  It puts it all in perspective.  Life is not as good stuck in the house on a gloomy day, outside always clears the cobwebs in the mind.

We had such a perfiect day today.  It started with a walk on the bike path where we saw lots of fall leaves and a few lone flowers.

We then travelled about 52 miles south to the town of Moose Path to reconnect with a good friend we see less than we would like.  We drove over Turnagain Pass which always takes my breath away.
When we arrived we were suprised to see a few other old friends had joined us.

Toddlers are so creative in their play.  Dmitrii and his friend Austin found a pile of saw dust and played for hours.  Toddler ax play.  Really the ax was in nice and tight into that stump.  They invented a game of putting saw dust on the top of the ax.  So fun to watch their invention of play.

Our little guy has always been interested in music.  He dances, and is intrigued by most instruments.  Our good friend treated him with an old bluegrass song so Dmitrii could get his groove on, and boy did he.  Old friends, fire, food, toddlers, such a great way to spend a day.  

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  1. Sounds like a great day. I love the names of all the places that you quaint and inviting. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a had asked about my house color. Our home is brick that is light tan, with touches of grey and clay colors. The shutters are the same color as the door. Hope that helps. Have a great week.