Friday, January 7, 2011

The Blog That No One Writes

Wouldn't it be funny if for just one day everyone in blog land wrote a real time what happened in their day blog post.

Here is what mine might look like.

Blog Post Finding the Positive:
My son gives the best hugs.  He is so loving and attached. I am so thankful.  He is a bit under the weather so we stayed inside and explored our environment, playing, singing, dancing.  We ate some home made yummy soup to help him heal and spent the day with lots of reading time with mommy.

Translation of what really happened:
Today my son stepped on his poopy diaper.  He also wiped his snotty nose all over the couch, my pants and my shirt.  I overlooked all of this because he gives the best hugs.  He is sick, kind of got the crud. We canceled his speech therapy appt so he wouldn't infect others, which worked out well since it is a 2hr drive round trip.  I read I am a Backhoe 1,000 times to my son.

I made soup with the wilted veggies in my fridge. No trip to town.   It was yummy.


  1. That was brilliant! I loved that post. You had me chuckling, as this morning has been very tiring. I'll definitely do one... will see how the raw honesty stands up :-)

  2. Glad you liked it. I love focusing on the positive, but really wonder if we all just sugar coat it a bit much at times.

  3. Hello there...Thought I'd stop in and say Hi. I'm happy you stopped by my space. You gave me a good chuckle, too. I love the translation of your day...sounds familiar! Thanks for all your kind words regarding my little girl. It really helps to have comfort and support, even from mamas I've never met before!
    xo Jules