Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Easy Drawing Box

I received a new computer from work a few months ago.  I kept the box for some odd reason.  Really I kept it because I thought it would be fun for a homeschooler to make a project with.  The curse of a teacher, collect, collect......
It was headed out the door in our monthly purge when I realized that it was actually a perfect size to tuck a pice of copy paper in.  Voila a travelling, or not travelling art box.  It has everything that you need.  A built in handle for carying and placing in every possible spot to step on, and it self contains the runaway marker while drawing.  You can store the paper inside and the crayons/markers too.  All this for the price of free, well if your work supplies you with the computer anyway.


  1. My husband's aunt got a computer moving box from her job and it became our book mobile. We'd travel and have books and a homemade "bookmark kit."

  2. Got to love a perfect reused box. I'm always collecting things for.."oh that will be useful one day". Probably why there is so much clutter.