Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This Much I Know

I am now wise.  It happened at 11:45am this morning.  Suddenly it all made sense.  I must pass on what I now know.

1) Always do your dishes first thing in the morning because if you don't have hot water and heat, your hands will get really cold.

2) Take a shower first thing in the morning.  Especially if you will be showing your face at work.  This is important because if you loose power you will choose no shower over a cold shower.

3) Your wood stove is your friend.  If it is 0℉ make sure you watch your fire until you have a good bed of coals.  If not you will spend all morning helping your fire limp along.

The enlightenment came  in the form of a power outage and a 0℉ temperature outside.  It occured to me that if I had not procrastinated the dishes, and shower, and had I manned the woodstove better my morning would have gone a lot smoother.  Power came on, probably just after I left the house to head to town for some warmth.

Hilight, taking out some stored food and cooking it over the woodstove for my toddler.


  1. That was always the highlight of power outages when I was little...and the camping out by the wood stove at night!

  2. It was so much fun as a child when the power was out. Torches and candles- what could be more exciting!
    A cold shower with 0.F outside? Daunting.

  3. We are looking down the barrel of -20....There is just no amount of wood burning or anything burning that can keep us warm at that temp. Even with everything cranking, its going to be a painful few days. The funny thing about outages is that no one really has showers..so everyone has hat head and keeps a safe distance from others. Right?

  4. Ohhh one of those days... oy. We have a planned outtage today at two different times and I'm crossing my fingers it's only for a few minutes. Luckily though, it's supposed to get up to 23 today! I can't even tell you how excited I am about that.

    Stay warm up there.