Sunday, January 2, 2011

Creative Time

Creativity reduces stress.  A person can get lost in the process of creating.  When life gets hectic, I turn inward, but it is also a place that is not available when life gets hectic.  I managed to carve out some time over this holiday break to crack open my embroidery pattern book  Rainbow of Stitches.  I have been flipping through it for a few months now, and finally chose a project.

I came upstairs to clean out our bedroom/office and I accomplished my goal and got lost in an embroidery project.  It is the perfect small house project because the set up and take down is as simple as putting it in and out of a cloth bag.  While working on this project I realized it made me feel relaxed and happy.  I suppose that is why women (and men) are drawn to creative endeavors.  It is good medicine.

We had a visit today from a mamma and baby moose.  The baby, well yearling really, came right up to our deck. Mamma moose was in lala land eating our willows and did not come over to huff and puff when I took a photo.  Good mamma.
So cute!!


  1. That moose is cute. It might be a really silly question you eat them?

  2. Yes moose is yummy, but never a baby moose. I have been a vegetarian for years, but in Alaksa it is so hard to pass up fresh meat. I am now on the diet of veggies and if someone I know has harvested the meat then I will eat it. I could not bring myself to hunt, but my husband will.