Sunday, January 23, 2011

Turnagain Arm

This is Turnagain Arm which is the body of water that our town is nestled against.  In order to get to Anchorage we drive the Seward Highway which runs along the arm.  The high tide in Turnagain arm can approach 40 feet.  We get some killer bore tides and the die hard surfers brave the cold water during these crazy tides. When the tide goes out you could technically walk for miles on the mud flats, however don't.  The mud on this Arm is crazy killer mud.  It is composed of glacial silt.  Literally parts of the mud flats will suck your foot in causing you to be stuck. Kind of like quick sand.   The fire house has special equipment in case this happens, but there have been a few cases of folks perishing due to not being able to be resuced and the tide coming in.  Come to Alaska anyway... just don't walk on mud flats that you are uninformed about.

Gosh what a strange post.  Apparently this snain (snow/rain) is causing me to be uninspired to find something creative to write so I need to stick to the facts.


  1. That sounds like one crazy place!

  2. Just came across you blog....we have much in common except that I live in 900 square feet (but with a 4th baby on the way.) I've always dreamed of living in an old farmhouse somewhere with a big garden where kids can run barefoot and seeing Alaska...I've always wanted to go there.:)